Emergency Travel Documents - Lost / Stolen Passports

    Emergency Travel Documents - Lost / Stolen Passports


    The procedure to have an Emergency Travel Document can be done ONLY in our Consular Office in London. The Greek Honorary Consulates in UK  DO NOT  have the jurisdiction to offer this consular service. You do not need an appointment for this Consular Act.  Travel documents are issued free of charge, no earlier than 48 hours prior to your travel.   


    All relevant correspondence regarding appointments is carried out solely through emails. Please, regularly check your emails as well as your spam folder in order to avoid miscommunication problems with us.

    Emergency travel documents - Lost / Stolen or Expired Passports
     Please bear in mind the following :

    You do not need , and we do not issue, an emergency travel document if your passport has expired  

    Travel documents are issued, free of charge, no earlier than 48 hours prior to your travel.

    It is to be noted that emergency travel documents are issued only in case of loss or theft of passports of Greek citizens who are non permanent residents of the United Kingdom, and not in case of persons who haven't followed the legal procedure of registration and issuance of passport.

    Lost - Stolen Passport
    In case of loss or theft of one’s passport in the UK, the holder must report the incident, as soon as possible, to a UK police authority obtaining confirmation of his/her report (e.g. crime reference number). Furthermore one needs also to proceed to the Consular Office - Monday to Friday 9.30-14.30, Except Public Holidays to report the loss / theft to the relevant Greek Authorities. If no other proof of ID (bearing a photo) is provided, a Greek witness needs to be present, for identification reasons. Click Here for directions how to reach us
    The Consular Office proceeds with an investigation concerning the circumstances of loss or theft of the passport, which can last up to 3 months from the date of the report at the Consular Office. In case that the passport is lost/stolen twice, the investigation can last up to a year, depending on the case. As long as the investigation is in process a new passport cannot be issued


    • In case of a loss, the submission of a new application is only possible after 90 days from the day of the declaration of the loss / theft at the Consular Office.


    A. You do not need, and we do not issue,  an emergency travel document to return to Greece, if your Greek passport has expired.

    If your Greek passport has expired, you can travel to Greece - and only to Greece - on your expired passport (and your old ID card, if you have one). You may visit the official website of IATA for confirmation.

    B. You do need an emergency travel document in case of loss or theft of passport or ID card to return to Greece.

    For the issue of an emergency travel document, the submission of the following documents is required:

    Application (submitted IN PERSON at the Consular Office) - NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY.
    • Booking reference or copy of an issued ticket.
    • 2 Photographs.
    • ID card issued after 1.6.1960 or certificate of registration in a Greek Municipality.
    • Report of a UK Police authority (relevant reference number is required).
    • Statement filled in at the Consular Office concerning the circumstances of the loss/theft of the passport

    In case of adults under guardianship or judicial assistance, the presence of such guardian is required at the time of the submission of application and /or judicial assistant certified copy of relevant decision must be presented.

    Only the Consular Authorities, are entitled to request the Municipal Roll from the Municipalities in Greece. The Consular Office will request it on your behalf. We have the ability to issue it on line the day that you will come to us for your travel document.

    Travel documents are issued free of charge, no earlier than 48 hours prior to your travel.