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Availability Snapshot: 1. Greek Passports (NO VISAS) - Διαβατήρια Available 2  starting on 03/12/2018 2. Power of Attorney - Πληρεξούσια Available 2  starting on 28/11/2018 3. Military Affairs / Permanent Residence Certificates - Στρατολογικά Available 4  starting on 28/11/2018 4. Certificates (Births - Deaths Marriages) - Ληξιαρχικά Available 2  starting on 17/10/2018 5. Permanent Residence Certificates (Non Military) - Πιστοποιητικά: No appointments available. 6. Moving to Greece - Μετοικεσίες Available 8  starting on 23/10/2018 7. Nationality Issues - Ιθαγένειες: No appointments available. Click me if you have an emergency or need your appointment sooner. We will review requests only if there is zero (0) availability, or it is a proven emergency
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