Greek Citizenship

    Greek Citizenship

    With the exception of Greek Passports and Visas, all other consular services, can be provided also  by the Greek Honorary Consulates in UK. For the Consular Office of the Embassy of Greece in London all consular services, except for Notarizations, are handled by appointment only. To book an appointment for the Consulate in London please click ---> Here.

    All relevant correspondence regarding appointments is carried out solely through emails. Please, regularly check your emails as well as your spam folder in order to avoid cancellation of your appointment.


    Aliens of Greek ethnic origin may submit their application for naturalization to the Consular Authorities of the place of their residence.

    The following supporting documents are required:
    -  Application for naturalization of an alien of Greek ethnic origin (provided at the Consular Office).
    -  Declaration for naturalization (at the Consular Office).
    -  Passport or other valid travel document.
    -  Birth certificate or alternatively baptism certificate of the applicant and his/her children (original accompanied by the official translation in Greek)
    -  Registration of ancestors with a Greek Municipality.
    -  Recent Criminal Record Certificate of the applicant (original with official translation in Greek).
    -  Interview of the applicant at the Consular Office.

    Please note that in all cases the original submitted documents must be duly legalized (Apostille / Stamp of the Hague Convention). Click here ---> Get a document Legalised for information regarding the procedure to legalize your certificate.

    The application with the supporting documents will be forwarded to the Citizenship Directorate of the Ministry for Internal Affairs for further action.


    Aliens of non Greek origin, spouses of Greek nationals, are not entitled to apply for naturalization, as described above, at a Greek Consular Authority. They need to reside in Greece in order to have their application examined.
    The naturalization procedure for non Greek origin aliens is conducted in Greece and legal residence in Greece for ten years (or three years if there are children) in the last twelve years, is required.

    Persons that satisfy the criteria set by above-stated law may, at first, declare their wish by submitting a naturalization declaration with the Greek Consular Authorities at their place of residence. Please note that the competent Consular Authority to receive a ‘Naturalization Declaration’ is defined as the one in the region of the applicant’s address of permanent residence.  No other Greek Consular Authority has the jurisdiction to receive an application or declaration for naturalization.

    Communication with the Consular Office in London 
    For nationality issues, you need to book an appointment.
    To book an appointment, you may click --->  Here.

    For a List and Contact details of our Honorary Consulates in UK Please click --->  Here