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    - For notarization of original documents, authorization or notarization of your signature, you do need an appointment in advance. 
    - For the Consular Act of Notarial Deeds, at the Greek Consulate in London, you also need an appointment in advance.

    Please pay attention to the following --> Due to the fact that all the particular cases of whether you need a notarial deed or simple notarization of your signature, cannot be specified, and in order to avoid any confusion, please consult with a Greek Lawyer or  Notary, regarding the type of document that is  required. 

    All types of notarizations, can be done, at the Greek Consulate in London, with an appointment during  working days and hours. 

    Our working hours are: Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 1:30pm, except public holidays.
     To book an appointment, please click --->  Here

    For the notarization of your signature, you need to sign the original document in the presence of the Consular agent, presenting a valid, not expired, photo ID, eg. a non expired passport.

    Only original documents can be Notarized, not photocopies.

    We are located at:
    1A Holland Park
    W11 3TP

    You can reach us using the tube, Central - Red Line -  Holland Park Station.

    For information regarding the cost of notarization --> See Here...

    For a notarization at one of our Honorary Consulates --> See Here