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    - For notarization of original documents, authorization or notarization of your signature, you do not need an appointment. 
    - For the Consular Act of Notarial Deeds, at the Greek Consulate in London, you must have booked an appointment in advance.

    Please pay attention to the following --> Due to the fact that all the particular cases of whether you need a notarial deed or simple notarization of your signature, cannot be specified, and in order to avoid any confusion, please consult with a Greek Lawyer or  Notary, regarding the type of document that is  required. 

    All types of notarizations, can be done, at the Greek Consulate in London, without a prior appointment during  working days and hours. 

    Our working hours are: Monday to Friday 9:30am to 12:30pm, except public holidays.

    For the notarization of your signature, you need to sign the original document in the presence of the Consular agent, presenting a valid, not expired, photo ID, eg. a non expired passport.

    Only original documents can be Notarized, not photocopies.

    We are located at:
    1A Holland Park
    W11 3TP

    You can reach us using the tube, Central - Red Line -  Holland Park Station.

    For information regarding the cost of notarization --> See Here...

    For a notarization at one of our Honorary Consulates --> See Here