Translation Interpretations Services

    Translation Interpretations Services


    Greek Consular Authorities in UK do not offer official translation / interpretation services. If you need  a translator or interpreter for your consular needs you must hire one. 

    For the Fee for this Consular Service ,    Please Click Here

    Contact the Consulate in London regarding legalization of translations 


    For the legalization / authentication of a translated document, please note that the original document should be submitted as well, duly legalized by an  Apostille Stamp. --->  Click to find how and where you can have a document legalized. 

    Please Pay Attention to This

    Greek Consular Authorities in UK, can legalize only the translations made by certified translators whose signature is registered with the Consular office . You are kindly advised to confirm with the below mentioned institutes, before proceeding with the translator of your choice.

    Institute of Translation and Interpreting
    Tel.:+44 1908 325250 Fax: +44 1908 325259
    email: info@iti.org.uk 

    Chartered Institute of Linguists  (Select English and Greek as source and target Languages)
    Tel.: +44 207 940 3100
    email: info@iol.org.uk


    For the legalization of translations you need to book an appointment. Exceptions are made for the certification of :
    A. Hospital bills submitted by the patients themselves or their relatives.
    B. Documents for the repatriation of the deceased .

    To book an appointment for the legalization of your translation in London --> Please Click Here .
    To contact the Honorary Consulates to arrange one -->  Please Click Here 

    If you wish to send your documents by post, you need to enclose a postal order with the required amount, as well as a self addressed special delivery envelope, for the return of the documents. You are kindly informed that the Consular Office does not bear any responsibility for possible loss of documents sent by post.

    For the Fee for this Consular Service ,    Please Click Here